Disappearing Act


In my second post, I have shared about how I was so severely depressed that I had to stop work despite being on anti-depressant. As the Doctor started the anti-depressant on a very low dosage, I didn’t get well. My employer also providentially decided to scale down her business and was not able to keep me due to financial limitations.

In order not to be a financial strain on my employer who has been very kind to me over my 4 years plus of part-time work with her, I decided to leave my job in end August 2007 to look for a new job. I have been working between 5 to 6 hours for her daily.

I was rather discouraged when I first left my job. I was still severely depressed and could not think properly. I was not sure what I can handle as I was very slowed down. I have difficulty getting up every morning and to do anything require lots of effort on me. I couldn’t concentrate much and have great difficulties making decision. I didn’t know how to carry on…

But God is with me always and continue to uphold and preserve me. I could not really sense His presence at times as depression has a terrible effect of numbing a person’s senses. But I called upon God daily in prayers. I have no one else to turn to………

In July when I had the relapse of depression, I started to disappear from church immediately after the morning worship. I could not bring myself to talk to people. I couldn’t smile or try to pretend that nothing has happened. But it was also very difficult for me to try and explain what I was going through. I had no choice but to leave before anyone can catch hold of me. I know they care… so all the more it’s hard for me to show them how terrible I really feel, how much I am hurting or how terrible I look when depressed.

A friend ever commented once when he saw me at a bus-stop just after my work when I was going through a relapse of depression. He was in a bus that happened to pass by then. He said “You are not joyful anymore” :-(

How to explain to others why I am not joyful anymore? Very hard to expect others to understand. Most people have experienced time of down or discouragement or disappointment and they said they are depressed for a few days but they got out of it. Clinical depression is very different. The down and almost hopeless misery and pain is day in, day out, night in, night out, almost every hour, sometimes minutes even and definitely every day for at least a few months if without medical or other interventions.

I know I may appear unfriendly to some people or indifferent to others. But I had no other choice. That was how much I could handle. Sometimes I am so exhausted, or so slowed down, or so depressed that I could not get up from my bed, or so sick because of the stress and fear of meeting people, that I could not even go to church. I trust that when I am better and able to explain to my friends, they will understand and forgive me……

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