During my recent relapse of severe depression in July 2007, due to various reasons my condition was unstable despite medications, and I was advised by many kind friends to do regular exercise besides taking medications. My doctor and friends, encouraged me to do regular exercise. They suggested brisk walkings. I tried to do so but as I was still very depressed, I didn’t have much motivation or energy to walk for long. I also found it difficult to find a suitable place to go for walks. I didn’t feel like travelling anywhere. Near my home there is a very big and nice Garden but I dare not go alone for fear of safety. So I tried walking around my housing estate neighbourhood. But I found it very stressful to watch out for bicycle riders, traffic lights, cars, etc.

Thank God that now he is enabling me to do some exercise. I also began to enjoy brisk walking around my neighbourhood and walks in gardens or beach. I am beginning to enjoy God’s creations in many wonderful ways.
Recently, I also began to enjoy photography as well. When I go for my brisk walk or go to the beach or to the garden, I like to take photographs of natures and I am learning to appreciate the beauties of God’s creations :-) Now I realized what I missed in the past when I was too busy and no time to walk.