Returning to work (Feb 2008)


Thank God for a spiritually refreshing Lord’s day. Bro Linus Chua preached a very encouraging sermon and I hope to share about it in my future post.

Now I have finally started to work after having rested for about 4 months!

I have been working part-time in the last 4 years+ for one of my good friends who works with children with special needs. I also helped her to run a children’s bookroom and a Christian bookroom. I left that job in September 2007 when she decided to scale down her business. I was going through a relapse of severe depression then since July 2008. My friend and ex-colleagues have been very kind to me when I was working with them. I am not sure if I will ever find another employer and colleagues like them.

Thank God that now I am well and ready to return to work. I have prayed that for a start, God will provide either a part-time/half-day work where I work maybe around 4 to 6 hours. Thank God for His faithfulness in answering my prayers for a part-time job. Through a kind friend in church, I was offered this part-time position for 10 days from 11 Feb to 22 Feb. I am working for 6 hours daily.

I am looking forward to this new beginning and to chart another chapter in my life! Praying that God will give me strength and grace to adapt back to work and that I can contribute well to my assignments.

4 Kind thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your job. It must be exciting. Going to college right now, I cannot imagine going to work, too. I would like a part time job myself doing something that I enjoy.

Have fun and enjoy!

(I copied this comment of Dream Writer from my old blog as I am now using this blog)

Nancie said...

Thanks, dream. I am enjoying my work :-) All the best to you in your study too. Take care.

Anonymous said...

oh this is so very wonderful…a job can be both stressful but exciting. it must feel so good to do this. thank you for inviting me here to your blog…i will read more now.

Nancie said...

Thanks, Merelyme, for dropping by, and welcome to my blog. A job is indeed both stressful and exciting. So much to learn about the job and also about managing my condition with the job! Will try and share more later. Take care.


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