I will fear no evil, for thou art with me


This evening, I misread Spurgeon's devotional note in his Morning and Evening but it turned out to be the very message I need to read!

Spurgeon was writing on Psalm 23 verse 4 "“I will fear no evil: for thou art with me.” Spurgeon wrote

Behold, how independent of outward circumstances the Holy Ghost can make the Christian! What a bright light may shine within us when it is all dark without! How firm, how happy, how calm, how peaceful we may be, when the world shakes to and fro, and the pillars of the earth are removed! Even death itself, with all its terrible influences, has no power to suspend the music of a Christian’s heart, but rather makes that music become more sweet, more clear, more heavenly, till the last kind act which death can do is to let the earthly strain melt into the heavenly chorus, the temporal joy into the eternal bliss! Let us have confidence, then, in the blessed Spirit’s power to comfort us.

Dear reader, are you looking forward to poverty? Fear not; the divine Spirit can give you, in your want, a greater plenty than the rich have in their abundance. You know not what joys may be stored up for you in the cottage around which grace will plant the roses of content.

Are you conscious of a growing failure of your bodily powers? Do you expect to suffer long nights of languishing and days of pain? O be not sad! That bed may become a throne to you. You little know how every pang that shoots through your body may be a refining fire to consume your dross-a beam of glory to light up the secret parts of your soul.

Are the eyes growing dim? Jesus will be your light. Do the ears fail you? Jesus’ name will be your soul’s best music, and his person your dear delight.

Socrates used to say, “Philosophers can be happy without music;” and Christians can be happier than philosophers when all outward causes of rejoicing are withdrawn. In thee, my God, my heart shall triumph, come what may of ills without! By thy power, O blessed Spirit, my heart shall be exceeding glad, though all things should fail me here below.
Thank God that He is with us and we can have the assurance of His love and presence with us no matter what we have to go through in this life.

Thank God I am feeling better. Thank you for your prayers and encouragements. I will continue to pray and wait upon our Lord.

If you missed this video yesterday, do try it today :-). This Psalm 23 recited by a cute little girl is posted by brimo on Youtube. I like the way this cute little girl kept wondering whether it's the verse "Surely goodness and mercies...." that she should be reciting.

It brings smile to me once more as I remember afresh that "Surely goodness and mercies shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever!" Psalm 23:6. Amen.

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Mariposa said...

Very true, and I pray that the people I care realize this and will root on this passage!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Amen and amen! What a wonderful post. It matters not our circumstances, we can still be so much for the Lord!

virtual nexus said...

Just called in from Casdok's to say hello. Lovely post and photographs.
Wish you well as you settle into freelancing.

Unknown said...

I just read your other page regarding Bi-Polar. I suffered for years not knowing what was wrong with me, but knowing SOMETHING was wrong with me. I didn't get put on medation until 6 years ago, and now I have such guilt because of the type of mother and wife I was the first two times. If only, if only, but I try not to live that way.

However, even with my medications and going to therapy once a month for the past four years, I still think I'm not normal. There are times I'm still unhappy for no reason at all, and I still get angry for no reason at all, and I still get slighly "hyper" (manic) for no reason at all. I'm trying, but it's so hard because I don't personally know anyone else like me.

Thanks for posting that information.

JC said...

i read your blog yesterday about your struggling to find work and get finances in order along with the struggle to get through life with bipolar. boy do i read you. sorry i haven't had much time to reply but i just wanted to let you know i've been thinking of you and praying for you. i know God has a plan for you and he will meet all of your needs in ways that will surprise you.

Nancie said...

Yes, Mari, this passage is so comforting and reassuring! Take care.

Nancie said...

Thank you, Michelle! You are a great encouragement to me and such an example as you are able to find much joy in the Lord daily despite your struggles with bipolar. I like what you said about us being "differently-abled" ;) Praise God. Take care.

Nancie said...

Julie, thank you for stopping by and your kind comments. I had a quick look at your blog. Lovely photos! I enjoy photography very much. I hope to visit your blog again to read more. Take care!

Nancie said...

Bina, thanks for stopping by my blog and your sharing. My heart goes out to you as I read of the difficult life you experienced before your diagnosis. Many of us have similar experiences. I live almost 20 very confusing years before I was finally diagnosed with proneness to bipolar, following a severe suicidal depression episode.

There is a wide spectrum to bipolar and it affects us differently. The hopeful thing for us is that it can be treated. Medication is helping us and there are other things we can do to get better by and by. Keep pressing on with your medication and therapy. And seek out other wellness strategies or helps. I am learning to discover these helpful coping strategies beside medication as they are helpful. Read "My Coping Strategies" on some other helpful means.

The tricky thing about bipolar is it is something within us and it affects our thinking and behaviours. It is biological in nature just like diabetes and asthma, and can be triggered off by various things or sometimes it just happen due to biological changes in our body eg hormonal, etc.

Recognizing how bipolar can affect our moods, recognizing early symptoms or worsening symptoms, can help us to seek help earlier or cut down whatever that are causing our mood swings, so that we can live a more stable life and be more functional. There are much to be discovered.

Hang in there! You are not alone. Many of us are going through this journey too and we can be survivors, by the mercies of God!

I hope to come by and read more of your posts later. Take care! Kind regards, Nancie

Nancie said...

Thanks, Jena. It warms my heart to know that you are thinking of me and praying for me. You are in my prayers daily as I know you are going through such a difficult time yourself. May our Lord continue to strengthen you too as you wait upon Him. God is good. He is our refuge and strength. Please take care.

Unknown said...

I don't have fear because as you said in your blog, Jesus is my Shepherd.

Jesus is my Shepherd: John 10: 1-18
A. Jesus releases me from FEAR (John 10:1-8, 11-13)
B. Jesus satisfies my SPIRITUAL HUNGER (John 10:9-10)
C. Jesus brings me UNITY with other believes to the flock (John 10:11-18)
Hebrews 13:20 May the God of peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep.
1 Peter 2:25 For you were like sheep going astray, but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls.

The main thing to understand and remember is that Jesus is MY SHEPHERD that He will supply all my needs (Phil. 4:19) and that He knows everything about my life (Ps. 139:3), cares about me (1 Pet. 5:7), has the power for every difficulty (Ps. 62:11), is perfecting me to be like Christ (Phil. 1:6), and that nothing escapes Him (Ps. 147:5), that will lead me to be stable, not anxious living.

Nancie said...

Jim, thank you very much for the reminders through these comforting passages from the Word of God. Truly, I need to look beyond my circumstances and my own weaknesses to the Lord alone who is our Shepherd, and pray for grace to keep applying these Scriptures to my life.

How these Truths strengthens my heart afresh as I consider them anew. Thank you. You are such an encouragement and thank God that you are a living testimony of His grace. May God continue to keep you near to Him, provide for all your needs temporal and spiritual, and make you a blessing to others. Take care.


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