In memory of my father


Yesterday, my family and I visited the crematorium where the ashes of my late father was kept. My father passed away in the year 2001 at the age of 70 due to heart failure. How time flies! It's been seven years already since then.

My father was diagnosed with heart failure 10 years before that. I read an article that said most people with heart failure died within 5 years of their diagnosis. My father survived for 10 years. The doctors said it was because my family took very good care of my father.

My father loved children and so he loved my siblings and me very much. But my mother said, I was his favourite child. My mother said when I was a little child, I was dressed like a boy because I looked so much like my father! It was only when I went to school at the age of 7 years old that I started to wear dresses :-)

When I first came to work in Singapore in 1989, I used to travel home to Malaysia every weekends. My mother told me that my father will wait at the window to watch me alight from my bus. Sometimes he can sit for hours just waiting for me to return home.

My father was a very simple man and easily contented. He worked for 30 years in a same company and won many awards for long term service as well as good service. He was jovial and friendly. He seemed to live beyond worries. My mother used to get upset with him and said that even when the sky dropped, he will just take it as a blanket to cover himself. There is a Chinese proverb for that :-)

I am glad that I have the privilege to take care of my father in the later part of his life, together with my family. God has been good to my father and I hope to share with you again of God's goodness and mercies to him.

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sbwrites said...

That's a lovely piece you've written about your dad. It sounds like he was content with his life, and that's a quality few people know. Also, it must make you feel good to realize how much he loved you!

When I'm depressed, and I remember how much my parents loved me and how much I loved them, it's a bittersweet feeling and often makes me cry (but it's a healing cry). When I feel good, my memories make me smile.

May your father's love embrace you in this time of sadness!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

It never ceases to amaze me how much our lives are alike. My dad died also in 2001 at the age of 69. He would have turned 70 in July but he died in his sleep of a massive heart attack in Feb. I don't know where the years go my sweet friend.

JC said...

Thank you for sharing about your father. It sounds like you had a wonderful relationship. :)

Nancie said...

Susan, thanks. My father's love is indeed an encouragement to me :)

Michelle, there is really so much similarity between us!

Jena, I do thank God for a wonderful relationship with my father.


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