Thou art my hope in the day of evil - Jeremiah 17:17


Thank you, dear Reader, for stopping by.

Thanks, Bpd, Michelle, Mari, Preciousrock, Jena, Marissa, Paula, for your prayers and encouragements. It's so good to have you back, Mari. I hope you have had a good rest. Thank you, Preciousrock, for stopping by. And welcome to my blog :-) I had a quick look at your blog and will return to read more.

Thanks all for your concerns, prayers and kind words which touched my heart. Thank God for all of you. It is encouraging to know that others care and are praying for me :-)

Jena has kindly suggested that it may be good for me to write a short post to update all of you and I think that's a great idea. Thanks for suggesting that, Jena :-)

Thank you for your prayers. Thank God for strengthening me. I am feeling better and learning to rest in God and depend more on His strength. I am learning to slow down and not try to do too many things. I am still feeling tired and experiencing mood swings but learning to cut down on my activities and rest whenever I can.

So dear friends, please take care. Try not to overstrain yourself too. Thank God that writing is therapeutic to us all. I am keeping you in my prayers too. And thanks again for coming by and leaving me such sweet encouraging notes :-)

May God bless and keep you near to Him. Have a blessed day!

This morning I read this encouraging devotional note from CH Spurgeon and I cut and paste it from a free Bible software "e-sword". e-sword is free and have many version of Bible, Commentaries, Devotional notes, etc etc. You can download and install on you computer. It's very useful.

Thank God that He is our hope in time of difficulties. Though we are weak, He is strong. Praise Him!

Thou art my hope in the day of evil - Jeremiah 17:17

The path of the Christian is not always bright with sunshine; he has his seasons of darkness and of storm.

True, it is written in God’s Word, “Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace;” and it is a great truth, that religion is calculated to give a man happiness below as well as bliss above; but experience tells us that if the course of the just be “As the shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day,” yet sometimes that light is eclipsed. At certain periods clouds cover the believer’s sun, and he walks in darkness and sees no light.

There are many who have rejoiced in the presence of God for a season; they have basked in the sunshine in the earlier stages of their Christian career; they have walked along the “green pastures” by the side of the “still waters,” but suddenly they find the glorious sky is clouded; instead of the Land of Goshen they have to tread the sandy desert; in the place of sweet waters, they find troubled streams, bitter to their taste, and they say, “Surely, if I were a child of God, this would not happen.” Oh! say not so, thou who art walking in darkness. The best of God’s saints must drink the wormwood; the dearest of his children must bear the cross.

No Christian has enjoyed perpetual prosperity; no believer can always keep his harp from the willows. Perhaps the Lord allotted you at first a smooth and unclouded path, because you were weak and timid. He tempered the wind to the shorn lamb, but now that you are stronger in the spiritual life, you must enter upon the riper and rougher experience of God’s full-grown children.

We need winds and tempests to exercise our faith, to tear off the rotten bough of self-dependence, and to root us more firmly in Christ.

The day of evil reveals to us the value of our glorious hope.

(taken from CH Spurgeon's Morning and Evening, 29 Morning.)

5 Kind thoughts:

Mariposa said...

Reading your post feels very good...and I love coming's like visiting a friend and having some really nice talk with a friend...only this is our virtual garden. In as much as I would love to read your posts here...I also would like you to get some rest like what I did...LOL

My blog used to preoccupy me ALOT and had helped me manage my mood swings...and now after not blogging for weeks, it feels like it has become a total stranger to me...and I'm slowly picking up...hopefully I'd be back for good....but like you said...I'll try not to overdo it this time.

God Bless you Nancie!!!

Tracy said...

Take care, Nancie. I hadn't checked in for a few days. Glad to see today you're feeling a bit better. Thanks for sharing this awesome devotional message.

Be blessed...

Claire Sewell said...

Rest easy and visit when you feel up to it. I'm sending you restful vibes.

Kass said...

Wow, Nancie. That is just what I needed. I'm going to post the devotional and link to it on my blog. It just REALLY spoke to me specifically. Thanks for that and may God bless your day.

Nancie said...

Mari, I am enjoying this virtual garden a lot too ;-) I am glad you are back to blogging. Blogging has become a part of me. I am trying to slow down generally and cutting down on my activities but I can't totally cut down on blogging :-) Will post shorter post instead. Do take care and go slowly. Looking forward to read your post.

Tracy, thanks for your concerns and encouragements. Glad you like the devotional. God's Words brings such comfort to us. Do take care and may God bless you through this week.

Thank, Claire, for stopping by. I am learning to rest. Not easy but I am trying harder ;-) Take care.

Marissa, thank God for speaking to you specifically through the devotional. I find much comfort in this devotional too. May God be very near to you and strengthen you. Take care and God bless your day too.


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