Blogging - Another therapeutic activity for me to cope with depression and bipolar mood swings


Dear Reader,

Do you enjoy blogging? What makes you start your blog? Or if you are a visitor without a blog, what makes you return to read someone's blog? What makes you come back to read my blog?

I thankful to God for enabling me to start this blog around February this year ie. February 2008. I have found blogging to be very therapeutic to me in my coping with my depression and my bipolar mood swings. And thank God this blog also benefits other readers as well.

I write quite regularly, as you can see. Partly because I love writing and it helps me to cope with my depression or manic due to bipolar disorder. Partly also because I desire to share with others my life experiences and God's goodness to me, as well as resources that I have found useful to manage depression and bipolar disorder or Bible verses/sermons/books/other articles I have read and found useful.

Blogging enables me to share my thoughts and feelings and to kind of release them. Sometimes by doing so, I can see things from a different perspective. When others visit my blog and left their comments, they also helped me in many ways. Comments usually bring cheers. Sometimes a short comment left by someone can really make my day :-)

I used to write long emails or letters to friends before I started blogging. Yes, I write letters :-) I am one of those old-fashioned, rare specifies. I know few people in the modern world today write letters. But I do. And I love doing so.

But one complain I often get when I write letters or emails to people and I suspect even when I post on my blog ;-) is that I write too long. I am too long-winded, they said :-) Hmm... I don't quite know how to handle this. I always feel I have so much to say and writing short messages can't quite express how I feel. There was one incident in the past, when I got scolded by a friend for writing long emails to her. She said she is too busy and have no time to read my emails :-( Now I hardly write to my friends as most of them do not reply. I am not sure whether they got the mails, whether they read them or they find them burdensome. Just waiting for a reply from them can sometimes almost drive me crazy! Now I am corresponding only with a handful of friends who haven't got tired of my writings yet :-)

Most of the time, I am sharing my thoughts and feelings and resources on this blog almost daily. And I also visit my blogging friends as often as I can. In the blogging world, I feel accepted and appreciated. Besides this blog which is my personal online diary, I have another blog which is dedicated solely to Resources I have found useful on the internet on managing depression, bipolar plus some personal growth articles. I also have some other hobbies blogs where I share my passion on making bookmarks, homemade crafts and gifts, photography, Christian articles/books and my freelance work. I am active mainly on this blog as I use it as an online journal or diary and almost daily I record my thoughts and feelings here.

Actually, I didn't know what is a blog or what is blogging until quite recently. You might laugh. But when I first started this blog, I still didn't know much about blogging. I just wanted to share my story and useful resources with others. A brother-in-Christ suggested this idea to me. I have a website but hardly anyone seems to be visiting and so I decided to try blogging instead as it is free.

When I first started this blog, I wasn't quite sure what I can or cannot put on my blog. I also wasn't sure what I can or cannot write on others' blog comment. I was a little fearful of "breaking the rules" of blogging.

One of my brothers, Daniel, has been blogging since a few years back and I visited his blog on and off. He is in Malaysia and he shares his life and activities on his blog. He is quite a funny person and so he posts all kinds of things on his blog and I always laughed when I visited his blog. So I read his blog on and off but I have no idea what blogging is really all about.

Recently, when Daniel visited me, he finally gave me the definition for a blog! He said a short and sweet definition for a blog is "An Online Diary". Daniel said my blog is my online diary and I can blog about anything I want. I can write anything that I want to write and share with the public. He reminded me that what I write on my blog is on a public domain. So he said, don't post anything that you don't want others to know ;-)

Daniel also said there is no hard and fast rule on posting comments on others' blogs. The owner of the blogs have every right not to publish any comments if they prefer not to. Same thing for me. I can choose not to publish any comments that I don't wish to.

I thank God for the wonderful experience I have had since I started blogging in February. I have enjoyed sharing my life experiences, God's goodness to me, and the resources I found helpful to me or the Bible verses/books I read with others.

One the greatest blessing I derived from blogging is that I have been able to "meet" many friends through the world of blogging. I have never expected this at all! I am learning new things daily from my blogging friends. I love to read and write. And in some sense, I have found "like-minded" people. My blogging friends are from different parts of the world and they blog about any topics under the sun :-)

I am thankful too for a few Penpals I have "met" through blogging! This is wonderful. I used to have penpals when I was a teenager. And now having penpals again when I am forty++ is really nice :-) Thanks for writing to me, dear Penpals :-)

Here's a big "THANK YOU" to you, dear Reader, who are reading my blog. Thank you for stopping by. I hope what you are reading here on this blog are helping you in some ways.

And a big "THANK YOU" too to all of you, my dear Blogging Friends, for visiting me whenever you can and leaving me kind comments to share your thoughts and feelings with me after you read my posts, or just to let me know you have visited. Thanks to all of you!

And a big "THANK YOU" also to all of you, my dear Penpals, for writing to me and choosing me as you Penpal :-)

One thing I found that is helpful in blogging is to try and remember to leave a comment whenever possible. It seems to bring some encouragement to fellow bloggers to know that what they have posted has helped others or to hear opinions others have. Or maybe just to know someone cares and have visited them. So I hope you don't mind me leaving my comments all over your blogs when I visit your blogs :-)

Oops, here I go again. I think I am getting too long-winded again :-)

Today, I thank God for all of you and for the way He is making my life more colourful through blogging.

Thanks for stopping by. Do leave me a comment, if you can, to share your thoughts and feelings with me! It makes my day :-)

Hope you have a blessed day!

Take care.

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18 Kind thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I am slowly reading your blog. You do like to write! Sometimes I have to discipline myself to write a post - when I'm not feeling happy, I don't seem to want to write. To answer one of your questions, I started blogging in an effort to help other people who are bipolar. In so doing, I take my mind off of myself and try to offer something useful to others. I really don't want to be one of those sick people who dwell on their problems and pains so much that they become selfish, and forget about the needs of others. That's no good to anyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Darlene said...

I love your blog just the way you do it. (The Comment pooch made me laugh, he's/she's so cute!)

Blogging has helped me with the loss of my daughter and now I've found it's helped tremendously gettng my thinking process working again. (I have post concussion syndrome).

Keep doing what you're doing, just the way you're doing are so loved :)

jennifer said...

I'm not sure I always "enjoy" blogging, but it's therapeutic, so I keep doing it. I have to do something since I haven't been going to counseling and need to get my thoughts out.

I like reading your blog and others' blogs because it makes me feel less alone in my depression and overall mental illness.

Unknown said...

I blog because I enjoy blogging. :)

Claire Sewell said...

That puppy sure does look like he has mood very cute.

If you're ever worried about blogging too long, break the writing into short paragraphs - the white space in between is our friend.

I don't think your posts are too long. A post is always as long or short as it needs to be.


I agree - I think of my blog as an online diary. Sometimes it helps me to identify what I'm feeling, Sometimes I write to find out if anyone else feels or thinks like I do. Sometimes it's just to vent. Sometimes it's to enjoy the process of writing.

Nancie said...


Thanks for stopping by. I am enjoying your blog too and slowly reading it. You can write very well.

When I am too down, I can't write much either. Just don't have motivation to write. So as long as I am writing on this blog, you will know that I am still coping :-)

Blogging is indeed a wonderful way to help others. I am glad that you have been doing so through your blog. Reaching out to others is a part of our recovery and maintenance. I have found it helpful too. It enables me to feel useful despite my limitations due to my conditions.

Thanks for stopping by! Take care and have a wonderful day.


Nancie said...


I am glad blogging has helped you through such a difficult time in your life. It must have been very hard. Thank God for strengthening you and providing such a means to cope. Blogging is really therapeutic. I enjoy your blog as it is very cheerful and I love your dogs :)

Thanks for stopping by! Take care and have a wonderful day.


Nancie said...


I hope you are feeling better. I am praying for you.

Blogging is indeed therapeutic. I am glad you are able to blog and share your thoughts. Your sharing is helping you and others.

Yes, do know that you are not alone. This is the wonderful part of blogging. We know that we are not alone. Others have been through it and they have survived. It gives hope to us. I have found tremendous support through yours and others blog too. Blogging has become an Online Support Group to me :)

Hope you get better soon. Do share your thoughts and feelings so that we can know what you are going through and I will be praying for you.

Take care and have a restful day.


Nancie said...


You write regularly, so I can see that you do enjoy blogging :)

I enjoy your blog very much. You can write very well.

Take care. Have a blessed day!


Nancie said...


Thanks for not getting fed-up with my long posts ;-)

And your suggestion to break paragraphs into shorter one is really helpful. I shall try to remember to do that.

I am glad you enjoy blogging and it is helping you in many ways.

It's so wonderful to meet in the blogging world and to be of mutual encouragement and support to each other!

Take care and have a wonderful day!


Melanie said...

Nancie, I am so glad you decided to start blogging. I enjoy reading all that you write.

Trinity said...

good morning

Nancie said...


Thanks for stopping by and your encouragement. I enjoy your writings too. It always draw me closer to God as I read of His goodness to you and your resting in Him.

May God keep you near to Him always.

Take care and have a blessed day!


Nancie said...


Good morning to you too! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you come again.

Take care and have a blessed day!


soulful sepulcher said...

Hi, I've found your blog via a comment you left on another. I write and started writing to tell my daughter's mental health story, and it's combined with my own. It's a place I post my photos, write about mental health topics and a lot of things. I like the spirit of your blog.

Nancie said...

Hi Stephany,

Thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement.

I really enjoy your blog and your posts. And I have added you to my link so that I can read your posts regularly.

Take care. Come by whenever you can :)

soulful sepulcher said...

Hi Nancie, I've added your blog to my list too. :) thanks for reading my blog!

Nancie said...

Thanks, Stephany.

I just read from your blog that you are going through severe depression now. I am praying for you. My heart goes out to you. My depression usually lasted 3 to 6 months or longer. And I can identify with how you feel.

Depression is exhausting. So try and rest as much as you can. Go for walks when you feel up to it. Exercise and sunshine seems to help a bit with depression because of the good chemical they release into our brain.

And don't be too hard on yourself. Your depression is due to the chemical imbalance in your brain. So your inability to do anything or feel aright is temporary. Once the chemical in your brain is restored you will feel better.

When we are depressed, our thoughts are all negative. Our inability to do much will naturally caused us to feel useless or that we have let everybody down. Don't listened to these lies. You are a wonderful mother and person. You are just out of action temporarily. Just like having a broken leg, once you are better, you will be up and about again.

I hope you feel better soon. Do take care. I am here if you need me.



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