Cultivating Nearness to God in coping with difficulties in life


When we go through difficult times in our life sometimes we wonder why we have to go through them and can any good come out of it.

I live a very checkered life. My life is filled with ups and downs. I love the Lord because He has saved me from my sins and He is my God and Saviour. But even then, my life is not exempted from difficulties, sickness, failures, disappointments, stress, etc etc. I experience them just like everyone else.

As you know, these few weeks have been very challenging for me. I am still learning to manage my bipolar mood swing. I am learning to cope with stressful situations at work and other areas of my life. I have many ups and downs recently.

I often will pray and ask God to help me understand what He is teaching me through them and how best I can grow through these difficult experiences.

I also desire to glorify God through my experiences by doing that which is right in His sight and according to His Words.

Mr John J Murray in his little booklet "Behind a Frowning Providence" which I am still reading, said:

Far more important than any explanation for our suffering is nearness to God in our experience. This is the only way to get things into perspective.
One of the ways that God is helping me to cope with my difficult struggles with bipolar disorder, stress and other difficulties in these recent days, is cultivating a nearness to Himself.

I found that when I bring my difficulties and afflictions to God in prayers and seek to understand His will in them, God draws me nearer to Himself as I sense His presence with me and the good that He is working out of them.

In my weakness, I have experienced His strength, strengthening me and keeping me.

When I feel that I just can't take it anymore, and I go to God in prayers, I found that He in His faithfulness will either work a way out for me or sustains me in very marvelous ways.

Sometimes I can see Him developing certain graces in my life :

Through painful experiences, I see God making me a more tender and compassionate person.

Through very trying and prolonged trials, I found that God is teaching me to be more patient.

Through painful struggles with severe and prolonged depression, our Lord is teaching me to understand a little of His great love when He suffered so much and gave His life for me and how He felt forsaken by His Heavenly Father while He was on the cross.

Through difficult relationships in my life, God taught me the value of forgiveness.

In time of failure and disappointment, God taught me to let go and trust in Him.

Sometimes I see how He is using my experiences to help other people. When others see the way God is strengthening me or delivering me, they are encouraged and strengthened in their walk with Him.

Sometimes God deepens my friendship with family and friends when they share my burden, pray and encourage me.

I am thankful to God for drawing me nearer to Himself and for working many good out of my experiences. Though at times these experiences can be very difficult and painful, but God has been the strength of my heart whenever my flesh or my heart fails.

I thank God for the way He is strengthening my friendship with you and my other friends as you share my burden, pray and encourage me. Thank God for all of you!

Take care. May you have a blessed day!

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Claire Sewell said...

Wow Nancie - I am amazed at how many positives/blessings you're able to see during your difficult times. Your faith is so obviously important to you. Hope this is a good day for you.

Nancie said...

Acorn, thank God that He is in control of everything and nothing in His providence is wasted! This is my greatest comfort that God is with me always and He has good purposes in allowing me to go through any experiences.

Knowing God and His presence with me in all things and seeing the good that He is working through every circumstances give me strength and courage to go through each day.

Thanks for stopping by. May you have a good day too!

Spin Original said...

It always amazes me at how positive you are, regardless of your circumstances and moods.

I am reading Joyce Meyer's Battlefield of the Mind Devotional again, and today's reading talked about the fact the more positive things we think about, the more we'll naturally be positive. Seeing the good in things is a learned behavior, and we have to train our minds to be that way. Seems to me like you are doing great when it comes to positive in, positive out!!!

Bless you, Nancie!

Nancie said...

Thanks, PJ, for your encouragements. I am thankful to God for teaching me daily to trust in His love and sovereignty.

One of the lessons I am learning from some counseling session last year, was to realize God's love for me and His working all things for my good and His glory through all the changing scenes in life.

This is helping me to look at my life experiences from a different angle and counting my blessings in them, and learning to grow through them. God be praised!

Thanks for visiting. May you have a blessed day!


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