Faces that stir our hearts - earthquakes at Sichuan


My brother-in-Christ, George, sent me some photos and slides on the earthquake at Sichuan, China.

It is really hard-breaking to see the great calamities that have happened to this part of the world.

China has the most severe earthquake in Beichuan, Sichuan province on 12 May 2008. It reached 7.8 scale and is one of the worst one in the past 3 decades. It happened during the day while workers were in their office and children were in their school. It is estimated over 70,000 people have already died and many are still buried.

Many people died in crumbled buildings. Many people perished without saying good-bye.

Bridges collapsed. Historical buildings and foundations were destroyed.

After the earthquake many people have no home, school or office to return to. Many people became homeless.

It is hard to imagine what many people are going through now. The pains and sufferings they experienced from their injuries due to the earthquake is overwhelming. Many suffered physical disabilities and injuries.

Even more people suffered overwhelming emotional loss and pains. Parents lost their children, children lost their parents and many families are disintegrated. The life of many will never be the same again.

In the face of overwhelming sorrows, we read of many heroic stories of how little children risked their lives to saved their family and friends, some teachers risked their lives to save their students and many others who persevered on with the hope of seeing their families and love ones again. The sacrifices and hard work of the rescue teams, medical teams and various volunteers are most encouraging. The resiliency of many people are great encouragements to everyone.

You can read more about the situation in Sichuan China at CCTV.com and China View.

Let us continue to pray for China. China needs our help and prayer. May God bless China and her people in this very difficult time. May many people turn to God and find comfort and consolations in Him in this time of national calamities and personal tragedies.

It is a comfort that God's people who perished in these calamities are now in His presence, no more to suffer in this world.

May God give the people grace and strength to rebuild their lives. It will take a lot of courage and every help that is possible, to help them rebuild their lives. Thank God for many that are willing to help.

The world is mourning for China. We read of how many are moved with compassion and have seek to help by way of prayers, finance, provisions of daily necessities and medical needs. Thank God for all these kind people.

I am reminded of how we live each day by the grace of God. We do not know if we will live to see tomorrow. I hope to cherish this life that God has given me and live each day usefully for God's glory and the benefit of the society.

Natural disaster can happen anywhere and anytime. It is a solemn reminder to me that I need to set my heart and affection on things above, to seek God and His kingdom first. This life is temporary and there is eternal life as God has promised in His Words. If we trust in Christ as our Saviour, we can have the assurance that we will be with Him when we leave this world.

I am also reminded on how we need to cherish our loved ones and all that God has given to us. So often we let little disagreement create unhappiness in our relationship with our loved ones or friends. I am reminded that the time with our loved ones and friends may be short. I need to love and cherish them.

Time of sufferings are also time of sharing each other's burdens and praying for one another. I am reminded that sometimes through others suffering we can extend our love and kindness to others. An in time of our own sufferings, we can experience overwhelming love and kindness.

What about you? How do you feel when you read of such calamities? How has this incident affected you in your outlook in life or your relationship with your loved ones and others?

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Anonymous said...

hi.. i am just doing some random blog hopping!

anyway, i, too, was saddened by the disaster happened in sichuan.. i dont know anyone of the victims but i feel for them, my sympathy is with them.. i am just an ordinary Filipino citizen but i am also calling for prayers for the earthquake tragedy casualties/victims.. its good to know there are people who extends their sympathy and somehow appeals for prayers to our unfortunate brothers and sisters just like what you did through blogging..

Have a nice day and God bless you!

Darlene said...

It's all so heart breaking! I pray they allow other countries to come in with help and relief.

I pray the survivors receive a comfort from the Holy Spirit that is beyond comprehension.

God bless, my friend.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

It made me so sad to see the destruction and death. What really tore at my heart was the children lost and their grief stricken parents. I know that was the only child they had. I can though be assured the children are safe with Jesus. But I wonder and am saddened about the adults wondering if their hearts were right with God or if they even knew Him. All I can do is pray.

Nancie said...

Hi leizlmarie,

Thanks for stopping by. It's good to know that you are praying for the people in Sichuan too. May God shower His mercies upon them and comfort them. May He enabled many of them to trust in Him as they seek to rebuild their lives.

May you have a nice day and God bless you too!

Nancie said...


Thank God for many that are extending their kindness to help the people. May God continue to help them.

Nancie said...


Yes, let us continue to pray for them that many of the survivors may know the saving grace of God.


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