He carry the Lambs in His bosom


I read this encouraging devotional this evening and was reminded once again of God's love and care upon us.

In these recent weeks of poorer health, I am thankful to God that He is keeping me near to Him and strengthening me daily.

In my many years of struggles with bipolar disorder, depression, stress, panic attacks, etc etc, I am very conscious of my own weaknesses.

Some friends have told me over the years too that they think I am very weak.

Some friends think I am very weak physically because I am easily tired and can't endure as much hardness as them.

Some friends think I am very weak mentally because they know I struggled with several prolonged clinical depression over the last few years. To them suffering from depression shows a weakness of mind and character. They have no knowledge or understanding of clinical depression or mood disorders.

Some friends think I am very weak spiritually because they know I have many struggles while they live a relatively carefree life with little struggle or difficulties. To them having struggles in life shows a lack of faith in God. They have little understanding that we are through much tribulation to enter into the kingdom of God and we are in a spiritual warfare daily.

I know I am weak in many ways. And I am thankful that there is One Who will always love me no matter how weak I am. In fact because I am weak, He is especially tender towards me. Because I am weak, His strength is made perfect in my weakness. This person is my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank God for carrying me in His bosom and enabling me to know His love and presence with me.

Today, if you are hurting, depressed, lonely, forsaken or suffering in some ways, know that there is One Who loves us tenderly. Our Lord Jesus Christ laid down His life on the cross for us to save us from our sins and we are precious to Him. Call upon Him and He will answer you. Like a lamb, He will carry you in His bosom. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

“He shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom.” - Isaiah 40:11

Who is he of whom such gracious words are spoken?


Why doth he carry the lambs in his bosom?

Because He hath a tender heart, and any weakness at once melts his heart.

The sighs, the ignorance, the feebleness of the little ones of his flock draw forth his compassion. It is his office, as a faithful High Priest, to consider the weak.

Besides, he purchased them with blood, they are his property: he must and will care for that which cost him so dear. Then he is responsible for each lamb, bound by covenant engagements not to lose one. Moreover, they are all a part of his glory and reward.

But how may we understand the expression, “He will carry them”?

Sometimes he carries them by not permitting them to endure much trial. Providence deals tenderly with them.

Often they are “carried” by being filled with an unusual degree of love, so that they bear up and stand fast. Though their knowledge may not be deep, they have great sweetness in what they do know.

Frequently he “carries” them by giving them a very simple faith, which takes the promise just as it stands, and believingly runs with every trouble straight to Jesus. The simplicity of their faith gives them an unusual degree of confidence, which carries them above the world.

“He carries the lambs in his bosom.”

Here is boundless affection. Would he put them in his bosom if he did not love them much?

Here is tender nearness: so near are they, that they could not possibly be nearer.

Here is hallowed familiarity: there are precious love-passages between Christ and his weak ones.

Here is perfect safety: in his bosom who can hurt them? They must hurt the Shepherd first.

Here is perfect rest and sweetest comfort. Surely we are not sufficiently sensible of the infinite tenderness of Jesus!

(Taken from CH Spurgeon's Morning and Evening, 14 May, Evening)

May you know God's love in very many wonderful ways today.

Thanks for stopping by. God bless!

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sbwrites said...

Dear Nancie,
It's too bad your friends don't realize that it takes an amazing amount of strength to deal with this illness on a daily basis. Personally, I believe that during the difficult times, we bipolar folks are heroic just because we're willing to go on despite adversity!

But, whatever you feel you lack in strength--you surely make up for in kindness!


Nancie said...

Dear Susan,

It is indeed not easy for others to understand how difficult it is for us to cope with this illness on a daily basis. There is still such a terrible stigma and misunderstanding pertaining to this condition! And one has to go through it himself/herself to understand the great challenges we face daily in managing it.

Thank you for your support and encouragement. I am thankful to find such support and acceptance in this blogger world.

I am thankful too for other friends who accepts and love me though they don't understand what I have to go through. And mostly I am thankful that God loves and strengthen me daily as I look to Him.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful day!


marja said...

I don't think you're weak at all, Nancie. You are strong in faith and in perseverance, even when you're struggling with bipolar symptoms. If we could only help people realize that this is a disorder, and not a sign of weakness at all.

One day we will help people learn to understand better, if not in our lifetime, perhaps in the next. We have to keep praying, working at it, and hoping that people will listen.

God bless you, Nanci.

Nancie said...

Dear Marja,

Thank you for your encouragements. Thank God for giving me strength daily.

Yes, more people could realize that this is a disorder and not a sign of weakness at all, it will be very helpful to the sufferers.

Hopefully through our blogs and books more people can understand this disorder and be more sympathetic and helpful.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care.

God bless you too!


becky aka theRAV said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, Nancy! I have been looking at your's. I like the book marks. Thanks for sharing. I've told my friends to check it out.

Nancie said...

Dear Becky,

Thanks for stopping by! I am glad you like my bookmarks. I like the cards you make too :)

Take care!



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