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Today, I found this encouraging poem that reminded me afresh that God cares for me. No matter what I go through in this life, He is with me. The difficulties, trials or afflictions that pained me at times, are actually working together for my good in God's wonderful providence.

God is doing a deeper work in my soul to make me what He wants me to be. God is conforming me more and more to the image of Christ. The process is painful but necessary. This is the only way I can bear fruit for Christ.

This reminder helps me to see my difficulties and afflictions due to bipolar or depression, panic attacks, stress and other difficulties, from a different angle and to value what God is doing in me through them. It helps me to face every tomorrow with God's strength and grace.

I know God loves me and He is with me. God has His purposes in all that I am going through and He will accomplished His purposes in and through me. I am a weak vessel and an instrument in the hands of a mighty God.

I humbly submit to His will and pray that I may learn to glorify Him even in the furnace of affliction because He has promised never to leave me nor forsake me (Hebrews 13:5).

If you are going through a very difficult and painful time now or suffering in some ways, I hope this poem and the reminder that God cares for you will bring some comfort and uplift your heart to Him Who loved us and gave His Son for us for nothing shall ever separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8:35-39)


My child, I know thy sorrows,
Thine every grief I share;
I know how thou art tested,
And, what is more - I care.

Think not I am indifferent
To what affecteth thee;
Thy weal and woe are matters
Of deep concern to Me.

But, child, I have a purpose
In all that I allow;
I ask thee then to trust Me,
Though all seems dark just now.

How often thou hast asked Me
To purge away thy dross!
But this refining process
Involves for thee - a cross.

There is no other pathway
If thou would'st really be
Conformed unto the image
Of Him Who died for thee.

Thou can'st not be like Jesus
Till self is crucified;
And as a daily process
The cross must be applied.

Just as the skillful gard'ner
Applies the pruning knife,
E'en so, I too would sever
The worthless from thy life.

I have but one sole object -
That thou should'st fruitful be!
And is it not thy longing
That I much fruit should see?

Then shrink not from the training
I needs must give to thee;
I know just how to make thee
What I would have thee be.

Remember that I love thee!
Think not I am unkind,
When trials come to prove thee,
And joy seems left behind.

'Tis but a little longer
Until I come again;
What now seems so mysterious
Will all be then made plain.

Take courage then; and fear not!
Press forward to the prize,
A crown of life awaits thee,
Glory before thee lies!

- Alice C. Lefroy
Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings,
and not one of them is forgotten before God?
But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
Fear not therefore; ye are of more value than many sparrows.
(Luke 12:6,7)

This photo is taken by my brother-in-Christ, CW Fong. Thank God for his kindness to share this lovely picture with us.

Thank you for stopping by.

What do you think of this poem? Do you also see God's works in your life through your trials, pains and sufferings? Can you find comfort in God's love even through your difficulties or sufferings?

Take care. Have a blessed day!

9 Kind thoughts:

Anonymous said...

what a great poem!

Spin Original said...

Beautiful poem and beautiful picture!!

Blessings on you, Nancie. You have such a genuine heart and love for God and His creation. You are an inspiration to many.

Claire Sewell said...

Your post gave me a lot to think about (as always) Nancie :-)

I guess I don't see my suffering as something given to me by God. I haven't really thought about it before. I just assumed that my disorder was a biological disorder that had nothing to do with God. But maybe I need to think a little deeper on this. I guess the Universe wouldn't have given me this unless it knew I could handle it. Through my illness I have developed gifts that I could use which is a way of glorifying.

I'm still at a crossroads between believing that the Universe is just a big ball of energy that we draw energy from, and believing in a personal God somehow. I've been trying to get a clearer picture of it for many years but I'm not any closer really.

I need to find answers that sit well with me or else it just feels fake. I really struggle with what my God looks like. When I imagine what God might look like I see a huge angel like image, but it just doesn't feel real somehow. As you can see I'm all over the place with this concept. I do enjoy your posts though - they always nudge me to think a little deeper on spirituality - thank you.

Nancie said...

Amy and PJ thanks for stopping by and for your encouragements.

Acorn, I am glad you enjoyed my posts :) Your sharing is very interesting. Reminds me a little of my own past experiences. Maybe I will post about it soon :)

Take care and have a wonderful day!

Aisha said...

I like the poem! God does allow different circumstances for us to help us grow in love faith, perseverance, everything God wants us to be.

Nancie said...


I just visited your blog. What you wrote is very interesting.

Someone wrote long ago that our soul is made for God and we are restless until we find our rest in God.

In some sense, I think there is a certain capacity in our heart that is reserved for God. We know He exists somehow. For many generations, people have worship the moon, sun and anything else they can think of. They are all searching to know God.

For me, I found a personal relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ. God communicates with me through the Bible which is His Words. And He also answers my prayers in many ways. So I know that He is real.

I find that there is indeed joy when I commit my all unto God including my pains and sufferings. Then I can see how God is working all things for my good and His glory. He is transforming me into a different and more useful person. It is amazing to see how He works.

I feel that you are growing in many wonderful ways. And I am excited to see the way God is leading you. I really like the ways you handle your fears by converting them to affirmations. This is really helpful. I am still learning.

Take care, sweet friend. I am keeping you in my prayers. Have a wonderful day!

Nancie said...

Aisha, thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the poem. It is indeed wonderful the way God enables us to grow in Him. Take care and have a blessed day!

marja said...

That poem hit home for me too. I think of God as the Potter and I just need to be soft clay for Him, letting Him shape me in whatever way He sees fit. He knows best and He loves me and wants the best for me.

I've been through the fire many many times - 42 years with bipolar disorder that has included psychosis, depression and mania. But I would not be who I am if I hadn't gone through all this. I've grown and am able to use what God has taught me through it all.

Nancie said...


Your life is truly a living testimony of someone who is constantly yielding herself to the gracious work of God. Whether through mania or depression or psychosis, you have entrusted yourself completely to God. And God in His faithfulness is strengthening you and making you a very blessed instrument to glorify Him as well as encourage others.

I am so glad that God caused our paths to cross in this bloggerland. I am always encouraged to read your blog as your heart is always directed to God and to His suffering children despite whatever fire you may be going through yourself.

May God keep you close to Him always and continue to make you a blessing to others to His glory.

Truly we are weak vessels in the hands of a mighty God. May our life continue to shine forth the love of God and His mercies so that others may seek and know Him too, and enjoy His love and wonderful care.


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