All things work together for good...


Dear Friends,

Thank God for seeing us through another week. Thank you for stopping by and all your prayers, concerns and encouragements.

Thank God for strengthening me day by day. I have been very busy and tired over the last few months but thankful to be able to live each day for our Lord and serve Him. I am still learning to pace myself and manage my condition. Sometimes my mood swings up and down, but thank God that it is not like the 3 months dipped into severe depression like what I used to experience. So I am learning to live each day for our Lord and am finding much joy in it.

I have been very involved in the ministry of mercy in visiting some sick and elderly. It is a joy and privilege to extend God's love and kindness to His precious ones. Those that are dear to Him, are dear to me. I am greatly encouraged to see the many wonderful ways God are preserving His people, no matter what trials they go through in this world.

Today, I met a friend who told me that with the current worldwide economic crisis and the swine flu, most people she met are very depressing.

I am reminded, that we have a God Who is sovereignly in control of all things, Who loves us with an everlasting love and Who is mercifully working all things for His glory and our good. What a comfort!

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

To know that nothing hurts the godly, is a matter of comfort, but to be assured that ALL things which fall out shall co-operate for their good, that their crosses shall be turned into blessings, that showers of affliction water the withering root of their grace and make it flourish more, this may fill their hearts with joy till they run over.

"We know." It is not a matter wavering or doubtful. The apostle does not say, We hope, or conjecture, but it is like an article in our creed, WE KNOW that all things work for good.

Hence observe that the truth of the gospel are evident and infallible. A Christian may come not only merely to a vague opinion but to a certainty of what he holds. The Spirit of God imprints heavenly truths upon the heart as with the point of a diamond. We have arrived at a holy confidence.....

The result of this text is this : All the various dealings of God with his children do by a special providence turn to their good.

Taken from Thomas Watson's "All Things For Good".

Thank you for stopping by!

Thanks for your encouragement. Take care and have a blessed day!

Warm Regards,

I took this photo at Hort Park, Singapore.

14 Kind thoughts:

sbwrites said...

Dear Nancie,
So glad to hear that you're feeling better. And it's great that you're out and about helping people.

I can't wait until I'm just a bit better to begin playing my music again with seniors. But, it requires so much energy and and the desire to perform--and I'm not there yet.

Hugs and prayers to you!


Nancie said...

Dear Susan,

Helping others is very therapeutic to me. It gives me much joy and something to look forward to each day.

I hope you continue to get better day by day. Do rest and relax as much as you can. I am keeping you in prayers too.

Hugs back to you,

Mariposa said...

What a lovely post...and so very true!

I am offered a new job...something which I have been waiting for...I hope to get the contract soon! :)

I share your joy in Him!

i said...

Hi Nancie, glad to hear all is well with you. It's really good to hear from you again. Bless you for taking the time out to help the sick and elderly.

You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Michele Williams said...

I'm so glad you are doing better... pacing yourself.. so important.

My 14 year old grandson has bipolar too... he has been open about his health and it has caused him friendships... Mainly the parents of his friends telling their kids to stay away from Travis.... He is learning early the ignorance of people.

God bless you dear friend.

Nancie said...

Dear Mari,

It's so good to hear from you. Wish you all the best in your new job. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care!

Praying for you,

Nancie said...

Hi LS and Happy,

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for your prayers. You are in my thoughts and prayers too.

Warm regards,

Nancie said...

Dear Michele,

It is sad that there is still such a terrible stigma associated with bipolar and other mental health condition. My heart goes out to Travis. Hope people around him will be more informed and more sympathetic as time goes by. May he also find other friends who are kind and understanding.

Pacing myself is a very difficult challenge. Some days I am up and about, other days I am so slowed down and out of action. But I am learning to trust in our Lord and just do my best for Him daily. Thanks for your encouragements. Please take care and God bless you too.

Praying for you too,

Mariposa said...

Back here...I miss you!

sbwrites said...

Dear Nancie,
Since you haven't posted in a week, I'm leaving a second comment on this post! Hope you're feeling better each and every day!

Love and hugs!


Darlene said...

Hi Nancie :)

Stopped by to say hello and how much I enjoy your posts :)

Visiting and reading comments is a reminder to me that we are not in this alone. It's also a reminder of how much our Heavenly Father loves us.

God bless, my friend. You are in my prayers and I send you a big hug!

Nancie said...

Thanks, Mari, for stopping by again. Missed you too :)

Nancie said...

Dear Susan,

I have not been feeling well but resting...

Love and hugs back to you!


Nancie said...

Hi Darlene! Thanks for your kind notes. Thanks for your prayers. It is very encouraging to know that I am not alone. God loves me and you and many others are His tokens of love for me. Thanks for being here... Take care!


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