Thank God I am feeling better...


Dear Friends,

Thanks for stopping by, and for your prayers and encouragements.

I am thankful for the rest these few days and thank God I am feeling better. I have started taking my anti-depressant, Prozac and I think it is beginning to take effect now.

I have been very exhausted over the last few months but I wasn't feeling down. My moods fluctuated every now and then but it didn't plunge into depression until a few days ago. Now as I look back, I suspect I may have burn-out as I was extremely busy with various commitments.

I found one helpful article on burnout:

Preventing Burnout by

Though I tried to slow down over the last few months, I was still very occupied generally and constantly tired. I was too tired to write on this blog or to visit blogs. But you are in my thoughts and prayers. I do missed all of you very much.

Managing this condition is a very great challenge to me. Pacing myself is a constant challenge daily as when I am well I have many projects on my hands and tend to do more and more things. I get carried away :)

Perhaps this is part of the gift of this condition, the creativity and energy to accomplish many things. But the other side of this condition, is that after prolonged busy period, I tend to burn-out and plunge into depression. I am thankful that with medication and other helps, I am feeling better faster and more functional. In the past, it would take about 3 to 6 months before I start feeling better and be functional again.

The feeling of depression is still very distressing nevertheless. Each relapse brings along a fear that I will never get better. But thank God that He does delivers and now with various helps, He delivers me more speedily.

I know I must not over-exert myself yet. I am looking forward to go out tomorrow to visit an elderly lady that is coming to know our Lord Jesus Christ as her Saviour, to read the Bible, sing Psalms and pray with her. I find much joy in giving of myself to help others. It gives me a sense of usefulness despite my condition and brings me great joy.

Thanks again for stopping by. Take care!

Warm regards,

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Anonymous said...

You so sound like me. I go and go until my body is in so much pain I may be hobbling around for a few days. Or I get irritable because something has not been done. Oh if only I could tame this thing to work to my advantage all the time!
Glad you feel better sweetie.

i said...

Glad you're feeling better, Nancie. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Nancie said...

Yes, Michelle, we are both quite alike :) Wish we can always make it work to our advantage :)

Thanks for praying and your encouragemnent. Take care!

Nancie said...

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, LS and Happy. So glad to hear from you. Thank God I am feeling much better. Take care and God bless you!

sbwrites said...

Dear Nancie,
There were years when I was so worried about the next depression on the horizon, and whether I would survive it, that I made myself ill.

And, now I know that I will always get better, and I repeatedly tell myself that to diminish the fear.

But you're right. Hypomanias always lead to depressions so it's really important to control them. Actually Immi at wrote a good post about this in the last few days.

As always, hugs and prayers from Los Angeles.


Nancie said...

Dear Susan,

The fear of not surviving a depression can indeed make us ill. Thank God that we both have survived many episodes, and it is helpful to remember that we will get better. The support and encouragements from you and many blogging friends, are a great reminder to me too that I am not alone when I go through this. It is wonderful to have the support of people who have been through it, who survived and who know that I can make it too :) Thank God for you and many others. Take care!

Hugs and prayers to you too,

Wendy Love said...

So glad you are noticing an upswing. I will pray that you won't swing too far up! You and 'minpinmom' mentioned something about "taming this thing to work to our advantage", which seems impossible to me. But I know "that nothing is impossible through Christ who gives me strength", right? I will keep praying for you!
Wendy Love

Darlene said...

Hi Nancy!

Came by to say hello and I'm thinking of you. You are always an encouragement to your friends :)

With love and prayers


Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sis,
I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better!!! Praise God. I wanted you to know that I am having a giveaway and I have an award for you on the bottom of my giveaway post. Just celebrating my blog anniversary and our sisterness!!

Hugz Lorie

sbwrites said...

Dear Nancie,
Just wanted to drop by again, say hi, and hope you're feeling better.

Love, hugs, and prayers from Los Angeles!


Spin Original said...

Thinking of you today!! Sending love, hugs and prayers your way!

Susan said...

Glad you are doing better.I will remember you in prayer.May God Bless and be with you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nancie,

Hi! You have a great courage and I believe that you will get better :) God's love will help you, sister as it has helped us all :) Take care of your physical health, perhaps it'd be helpful to maintain a good mood when our body is not over exhausted :) Miss u too!


Nancie said...

Thanks, Wendy, Darlene, Lorie, Susan, Paula Joy, Susan and Santi, for stopping by and all your encouragements. Hope to catch up with you soon! Take care and God bless!

With love, hugs and prayers,

becky aka theRAV said...

Been thinking of you, Nancie and praying for you. Hoping you are feeling better. I tend to over-do also. I think it is what creative people do. We just can't help ourselves. Take care now.

Nancie said...

Dear Becky,

It's so good to hear from you! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I missed you and many other friends. You are in my thoughts and prayers too. I am still learning to pace myself :)

Do take care and don't over-strain yourself. Hope to visit you soon. God bless you!

With thoughts and prayers,


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