Thank God for His mercies to my brother....


Dear Friends,

Thanks for stopping by and all your encouragements.

♥ Thank God for seeing me through another week. I am feeling very tired but resting in our Lord's love and mercies daily.

♥ Thank God for His mercies that my brother is discharged from the hospital and is now resting at home! (I shared about how he went through 2 surgeries within the last 2 weeks and was very sick, in my last post : Please pray for my brother). Thank God for preserving my brother's life and restoring him.

♥ I thank God for your prayers and encouragements during this difficult time. It means a lot to me as this brother is very dear to me. I thank God upon every remembrance of you.

My brother and my family is very grateful for your support. My brother just wrote:

"After one of the toughest and most life-challenging cum life-changing ordeal of my life from 9th Sept 2009 to yesterday, 23rd Sept 2009, I finally came home from the hospital. Yes, it was a most difficult time of suffering, physically and mentally....I am still very weak because have not been eating much of anything for the last 2 weeks. Only started eating properly the last 3-4 days. Will concentrate the next few days on full resting and good food to recuperate and recover my strength. I could hardly walk properly now and also kind of disillusioned mentally too. But I think everything will be ok soon.

I thank God and everyone for your prayers and concern. I needed them very much."

♥  Please continue to pray for my brother especially for his salvation. I have been sharing the Gospel with him over the years but he is a very intellectual man and he found it difficult to trust in our Lord as his Saviour as he couldn't reconcile certain things he has read in the Bible. There came a point of time that he told me not to talk to him about the Lord anymore. He said if the Lord wants him to believe in Him, the Lord will bring him to do so one day.

♥  I am thankful to our Heaven Fatherly that through this incident He is opening ways for me to reach out once again to my brother with the Gospel. I have written to him to remind him of God's mercies to him, and to share the Gospel with him and beseech him to turn to our Lord to save him. I hope to speak to him more about it when he is able to talk. Please pray with me that God will continue to be merciful to him and grant him a true saving knowledge of our Lord and the assurance of His love and forgiveness. I have given him a Bible in the past. Please pray that he will read the Bible and God will do a deeper work in his soul through His Word and Spirit. God willing, may He also use Pastor Kong and other of His people who are near to my brother to reach out to him with the Gospel. Really appreciate your continuing to uphold him in your prayers.

To God be the glory!

♥ I am thankful to God once again for all of you, my dear blogging friends and visitors. I have been so greatly blessed by all of you and I thank God upon every remembrance of you. Thanks for all your prayers, encouragements, visits and comments. I enjoyed visiting your blogs too. It is wonderful to read of how God is guiding and blessing you in your walk with our Lord and it encourages me in my walk with God too. Thanks again for your prayers and encouragements.

Thank you for stopping by. Take care and have a blessed day!
Warm Regards,

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Pia said...

nancie, i thank the Lord for your life. He has great plans for you. i thank Him for keeping you safe. God knows your pain and i know that He is already at work with the prayers you uttered in faith. i am agreeing with you for your healing and your brother's salvation.

Get well soon. God bless. (((HUGS)))

Nancie said...

Thanks, Pia. It's so good to hear from you. Thanks for your prayers and encouragements. I feel so comforted that many people are praying for my brother. I hope he comes to know God and can experience God's love and goodness too. Take care and God bless you! ((HUGS))

LivingforGod said...

Thanks, Nancie, for visiting my blog and for your kind words! I love your blog's name :). I hope you will come back and visit More Than Conquerors Magazine again.

Your brother is in my prayers. I cannot wait to hear the news when he surrenders his life to Jesus.

In Christ alone,

Sue said...

Hi Nancie,
Thank you for sharing this today, And I am glad that your brother is home and continuing to regain his health. I certainly will join others not only for continued healing but for salvation for your brother. I will also pray for God to continue to open the doors for you to minister to him God's saving grace.

Denise said...

Keeping you, and your brother in my prayers, I love you.

Melanie said...

Hi, Nancy! It's been along time since I stopped by to visit with you..

So sorry to hear of your brother's illness. I will keep him in my prayers... both for his physical health and his mental health.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Stay strong! You and your family are in my prayers! Happy TT

Nancie said...

Thanks, Urailak, Sue, Denise, Melanie and Melissa for your prayers and encouragements. I need them very much!

Take care and may God bless you with a very blessed day!

Gratefully in Him,

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.


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