Do you know of any good church at Delaware, US?


I took this picture in Singapore. This is the national flower of Singapore, the Orchid Flower or Vanda Miss Joaquim.

Dear Friends,

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have had a blessed weekend.

I am thankful to God for many of you and your prayers and encouragements. It is so wonderful to know that we can pray and encourage one another in the Lord because of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done when He laid down His life on the cross to save us from our sins. It is because of the salvation He has given to us that we can enjoy this special bond of love as a family in Christ. Though we have never met and we are separated by seas and mountains, the love of Christ our Lord bind our hearts together. This is such a mercy! You are God's gifts and blessings to me! I thank God for all of you. May you find your every visit here a very blessed one too.

It is very important for us to be able to worship in a church where God's Truths is being faithfully preached and the people of God seek sincerely to live by faith and the by the Word of God. One of the commandments God has given to us, is to love one another like the way He has loved us. By nature we are sinful and selfish people. On our own, we are not able to love others unconditionally. We only love those who love us, and those who can do us good. But Christ has demonstrated His love for us in that while we were yet sinners, He died for us. He died to save us and reconcile us to God. And He wants us to love others with the same unconditional love. Only by God's grace, we can love one another. It is my prayers that daily God will fill me with His love so that I can love others like the way He is loving me.

One of my friends is now in the midst of looking for a church. I am just wondering whether you or any of your friends can help one of my friends. He is staying at Delaware, US. He has just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and learning now to cope with his condition and live usefully for our Lord. He is in the midst of recovering from a relapse of severe clinical depression and very much in need of prayers and encouragements from fellow believers. Please pray for him, if you can. His name is Will.

Like myself and many others who have suffered from recurrent clinical depression, Will has suffered a lot of pain and confusions over the years. Thank God that the Lord has preserved him and he is seeking now to walk closely with the Lord and to be more dependent upon Him. Due to the terrible stigma and great misunderstanding on the issue of clinical depression, Will has often been misunderstood by his friends. They misjudged his condition and caused more harm than help to him.

Now Will is in the midst of looking for a church where God's Truths is being faithfully preached and where God's people are warm and compassionate, and able to accept him, love him unconditionally for Christ's sake, and pray for him. This form of support from God's people is most precious to him.

Please do let me know if you are staying at Delaware or anywhere near there and you are able to link up with Will to bring him to a good church. Or if you know of any friends or relatives staying at Delaware or near there, who are able to introduce a good church to Will.

Please leave a comment here, if you are able to help, or email me at

Thank you! Take care and have a blessed week!

Warm Regards,

(Note: I found on the internet some details of a church at Wilmington Delaware. It's called Emmanuel Orthodox Presbyterian Church (Emmanuel OPC). It sounds like a nice church that is desiring to honour God. 

You can read more about them from their website is

Their other contact details are:

Emmanuel Orthodox Presbyterian Church
1006 Wilson Road
Wilmington, DE 19803-3449
Telephone : (302) 478-7776

Worship Services:
Morning Worship: Sunday 9:30 am
Sunday School: Sunday 11:15 am
Evening Worship: Sunday 6:30 pm

Has anyone worship in this church before? If you have been to this church, can you share with me more about it? Thanks!)

6 Kind thoughts:

Karen said...

Praying for Will to find a church....

Nancie said...

Thanks, Karen! Take care and have a blessed week.

Warm regards,

marja said...

Dear Nancie,

So good that you're putting out this call on Will's behalf. I pray that someone in Delaware will read this and be able to help.

Your email to me about him made me once more feel passionate about reducing the stigma attached to mental illness and the desire to help Christians learn how to be more supportive. I was moved to write an article, starting it with your story about Will. I pray that it will be published and read by many. I pray that Christians will learn how much their support and love is needed.

Thank you for working on Will's behalf and on behalf of everyone who, like him and you and me, so badly need a supportive church.

With love and prayers,

Nancie said...

Dear Marja,

Thanks for this post and for sharing about Will's struggles. Thank God for giving you the gifts of writing and the passion to help others. The Lord is surely using you in a different way though the seminar was canceled! Many people read the internet and those suffering often searched the internet for help. So your writings will be greatly used of the Lord as well, perhaps much more than a seminar as thousands not only today but every other day may search and find your writings which help them!

In God's providence, Will found my blog and wrote to me. He must have felt very alone but thank God for giving him hope as he read of how the Lord is helping me to cope. I mentioned to him about you and a few others too so that he knows he is not alone. Support from people around us, especially fellow Christians, is so precious and crucial. Whenever I can, I too try to encourage Christians to have empathy and learn how they can be supportive, to build some understanding. With the love and support from others, people with bipolar and depression can also live a useful and productive life. Hope the Lord will provide a suitable church for Will where he can find the support he so needed.

Knowing how difficult coping with this condition can be, and with the burden the Lord has laid on our heart to share and help others, it is hard not think so much about always doing for other people :) I believe God allows us to go through sufferings and know His comfort, so that we can comfort others. It gives meaning to our life daily, meaning to our suffering too. But the challenge is how to maintain a balance, so that we do not get burn-out in the process :) It's so hard as we are called to lay down our lives for our brethren, and there always seemed to be so many in need! I am also trying to learn to be more dependent upon the Lord and rest in Him and His leading.

Glad you wrote. May God continue to use your writing to be a blessing and help to those in need! Do pace yourself :) This is a reminder to me too :)

With love and prayers,

Barbara said...

I am sorry tht I am unable to help but although I know many folk across the States I do not know anyone in or near to Delaware.

Nancie said...

Hi Barbara,

That's okay. Thank you very much for your concerns and helps! I trust the Lord will provide in His time something that is suitable for Will. So I will keep praying for Him. The Lord knows what is best for Him! Thanks again. Take care and have a blessed week!

With appreciation and Warm regards,


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