Making Homemade Christian Bookmarks with encouraging Bible Verses : Another therapeutic Hobby


Dear Friends,

Thanks for stopping by.

♥ Thank God for seeing me through another busy and fruitful week! How times flies. It's Thursday again! :) I am reminded that it's good to share about God's goodness and mercies to me on Thankful Thursday :) I have been so blessed every since I joined Thankful Thursday as it helped me to count my blessings and be more thankful to God. I am also greatly encouraged by all the thankful posts that I read on your blogs. Thank God for His goodness and mercies to us daily! May we be always praising Him.

♥ I am thankful to God for a very encouraging sermon I heard in Church last Lord's day morning. My Pastor preached on the importance of Prayer Always in our daily Christian life and as walk with the Lord daily. I am reminded of the need to be praying always, not just during my devotional time or in church, but throughout the day as I seek the Lord's grace and strength to live for Him and in Him. It is a means of grace that God has provided for us to draw us closer to Him and receive grace and strength from Him.

♥ So I thank God for the privilege prayers in which we can fellowship with our Lord and enjoy His love and grace. We can casts all our anxieties upon Him and find peace and joy in Him, and direction in our Christian walk as He teaches us through His Words.

♥ I thank God for the joy of doing some simple Christian crafts to give to my friends. Last Thursday I shared about the joy of making simple Cross-stitch bookmarks with Bible verses for my friends. It is one of my therapeutic hobbies. Another therapeutic hobbies that I enjoy very much is making simple Christian homemade bookmarks with Bible verses. Below are some samples of bookmarks I made with regards to Prayers. The first two I made using pictures I have taken myself and the last two are just simple design from Microsoft PowerPoint or Open Office.

To download and make these simple Do-It-Yourself DIY Christian homemade bookmarks with Bible verses at home, just follow the instruction below. Feel free to download these Free Homemade Bookmarks for yourself or your friends. You can also make them and sell them :)

Resources for Free Calendars, Cards, Bookmarks, Handicrafts:

To make the following Free Homemade Christian Bookmarks with encouraging Bible verses on prayer:

1) Download the picture
- Put your cursor on the picture
- Right Click your mouse
- Saved the .jpg picture into your computer

2) Insert this picture into a Word Processor (such as MicroSoft Word or OpenOffice).

3) Use a color printer to print.

4) Cut it and laminate it. The bookmark will be more lasting if you laminate it.

♥ I thank God for my family, my church, my friends and everyone of you, my dear blogging friends, and for your prayers and encouragements. They mean a lot to me.You have made a great difference in my life by your friendship and encouragements. I thank God for every one of you. May God may your visit here a blessed one too!

Thank you for stopping by. Take care and have a blessed day!

Warm Regards,

18 Kind thoughts:

bp said...

I like the verses on the bookmarks.

Have a great Thursday!

Unknown said...


I adore you.... Your faithfulness to count your blessing on Thursday inspire me.

I love the bookmarks. I love you. God bless and thank you for sharing your heart with me and for honoring the Lord. Hugs, Lynn

Denise said...

Prayer is such a blessing to my heart, and so are you. I love you.

Joshlin said...

Thank you for the bookmarks! I was just thinking of one for my son. He has his first preschool Bible and needed one. I will be checking out all those links for a children's one. I may prink one from here for me!

Nancie said...

Hi Bethany, Lynn, Denise and Joshlin. Thank you so much for stopping by and your encouragement. Glad you like the bookmarks. Yes, Joshlin, there are some Free children's bookmarks as well on the links. Hope you enjoy making them.

Happy Thursday to all of you! Take care and God bless you.

Warm regards,

i said...

Hi Nancie! Sure have missed you too! Thanks for coming by and keeping us in your prayers. Likewise, eventhough have not been coming around :-)

That's really sweet of you to post up the DIY bookmarks. Must give it a try, hopefully it works as I don't have any crafting skill at all ;-)

Take care now and God bless you!

Michele said...

Oh those are very nice bookmarks, love the verses on them.

Tammy said...

What wonderful things to be thankful for, and what beautiful bookmarks. Thanks for sharing them.

annies home said...

I am so thankful for the power of prayer your post is wonderful

Tammy said...

Hi, I was thinking about your lovely bookmarks, and I wondered if you make Firefox Personas. I've made some Christian ones. We can always use more of those. If you want to check them out, they're fun to make.

Mary said...

Beautiful bookmarks. And I'm so thankful too for prayer and casting our cares on Him. He is so faithful to us isn't He. Thanks for sharing Nancie. Blessings on your day.

Nancie said...

Hi LS and Happy, Michele, Tammy, Annie and Mary. Thanks for stopping by! It's good to hear from all of you. Thanks for your visit and encouragements. Glad you like the bookmarks. I do miss you so, LS and Happy. So glad to see you around.

Take care and all of you have a blessed weekend!

Warm regards,

marja said...

Hi Nancie,

I love the "You are never alone" bookmark and may find a photo and make one with that verse from Isaiah for my Living Room friends. It's powerful - says so much - is so encouraging.

Thank you for you inspiration.

This morning, as I sat outside, I saw my daisy plants are growing very quickly. I can hardly wait for them to bloom so I can photograph them and make bookmarks with them. Such a cheerful flower. Sunny.

Thinking of you and praying for you, dear sister in Christ. And thank you for reminding me to be thankful always.


Nancie said...

Dear Marja,

I just visited your blog. Wow, your bookmark is so beautiful! I am glad you like these wordings. They are truly very encouraging and comforting. I am sure they will be a blessing to those who received them from you!

I too find that creative works give me much joy. We sure have lots of things in common :)

Creativity is a gift and a blessing from bipolar. I try to use these energy productively to serve God and the people around me, and share something of God's love and goodness with them. It helps me to find comfort that God perhaps has this mission in mind for me when He gives me bipolar. The awful high and low, helps me to know Him in very real and personal ways, and enable me to share Him through words and pictures, and bring Him across in very vivid ways to others. I feel privileged to be used by God despite my many sins, weaknesses and failures. And for this reason, I am learning to be thankful to our Heavenly Father Who knows all things and deserved our praise and honour through all the changing scenes in life.

You are a very dear sister-in-Christ. And I thank God for causing our paths to cross in such a wonderful way through our blogs. Though we are separated by seas and mountains, you are always close to my heart. Thanks for being my friend. Take care and may God shower His love and blessings upon you daily in His many wonderful ways.

With love in Christ
and prayers,

Solid Rock or Sinking Sand said...

I really enjoyed reading your post and the bookmarks are so inspiring. God bless, Lloyd

Nancie said...

Hi Lloyd,

Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed my post and the bookmarks :)

God bless,

Wendy said...

You are an unbelievable blessing, with your sweet, sweet spirit! You have the Sunshine Award waiting for you over at my blog, and you deserve it! You are truly a ray of sunshine to me.
Faith's Firm Foundation

Nancie said...


Thank you for your visits and sweet words of encouragement. Congrats on your receiving this award! And thank you so much for sharing this award with me. I am so privileged :) Take care and have a great day!

Warm regards,


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