Living with Depression: The story of Fred Friedman - his loss and recovery


Recovery from Depression

Dear Friends,

Recently, I saw this encouraging video of a man, Fred Friedman, a former attorney who used to practice law who went through severe depression. He lost everything that mattered to him during a worst time of depression - he lost his wife of 24 years, his law profession of 20 years, and most of his possessions, including his home of 10 years.

Friedman spent five weeks in a mental hospital, ten months in a homeless shelter and more than a year in a nursing home. None of these placements helped him get better. Friedman’s recovery started with his move out of a nursing home and into an apartment, with the help of a social services agency.

Friedman has rebuilt his life with some help and he is now a leading mental health public policy expert in Illinois who can comment on a wide range of related public policy issues. His story of loss and recovery demonstrates how it is possible to rebuilt life and live a useful and purposeful life despite the illness, and even help others who are in the same dire need.

I am thankful to God for helping me to cope with living with depression and bipolar disorder in my own life.

It is sad that there is still such a terrible stigma, misunderstanding and ignorance concerning depression, bipolar disorder and other brain condition. As a result, many are suffering in silence and not seeking the helps that are available and able to help them live a more stable and functional life.

I am thankful that there are many helps available in this generation. Through the severe relapse in end 2006, I was led to seek medical and counselling help for the first time, besides praying and reading God's Words plus some other helps. I thank God that after so many years of roller coaster rides with extreme mood swings, I have finally understood the reason behind them. To know that I suffer from this medical condition, that it has a name for it, is helping me to learn to manage it better and live a more functional life.

Seeking early treatment is very crucial. Family and friends support is equally important. Here are some coping means that I have found useful in my own experience.
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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

It is a hard thing to live with this bi polar monster. My Jack struggles with depression but the right meds have made a great improvement.

Nancie said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it's really not easy to live with bipolar but thank God that He has given us much grace and help in this age. I am so glad Jack is coping well with the medicine. My medicine has been working well for me and so I am more functional now too. Thank God! Take care and may you have a blessed week!

Warm regards,

marja said...

Thank you, Nancie, for posting this story. I'm going to pass it on to some of my friends.

Hope and pray that you are doing well.

Love, marja

Nancie said...

Hi Marja,

Glad you will be passing on this story. It is very encouraging.

I am kept by the grace of God. Trust you are well in our Lord too. Take care and God bless you!



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