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Dear Friends,

How are you? Thanks for stopping by. Sorry, I have been extremely busy recently and not able to post or visit blogs. Thank God for grace and strength daily to cope with the many challenges.

With Bipolar Disorder, I am learning also to pace myself in order to avoid the extreme mood swings of mania or depression. I need to do activities that helps me to relax and which are therapeutic to depression and bipolar.

Recently, a neighbour introduced my mum and I to a Korean Medical Device called "Nuga Best Therapeutic Thermal Massager Bed". Have you heard of Nuga Best? Or Nuga Best Thermal Bed?

This Nuga Best Thermal Massager Bed is said to help with blood circulations, metabolism, weight loss, insomnia, back aches, relieves pain, numbness, swelling, relaxation of muscle, improves body immune system and general well being. I find that the massaging helps me to relax after hours of busy tasks.

Nuga Best Singapore has 3 branches at Tai Seng, Commonwealth and Woodlands Centre Road.

Nuga Best at Block 5A Woodlands Centre Road #02-180, Singapore 731005 is the Nuga Best Branch that is nearest to my home. This Nuga Best branch is just opposite Block 4A (the Hawker Centre) and it is situated next to Cheers FairPrice shop. Nuga Best provides free trials for every user to try out and see if this thermal bed helps them in their health.

I have been feeling very tired daily with the many things to do. I am going for this Nuga Best Thermal Bed Free Trials now to try and see if it will help me in my health.

Do let me know, by leaving a comment, if you have experienced with similar products and how you have benefitted from it.

Take care and have a blessed weekend.

Warmest Regards,
20 Apr 2013

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