Tearing down barriers - Living a full life despite mental illness


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There is an interesting and informative write up on the need to tear down barriers for patients with brain conditions at this website : https://www.silverpages.sg/news.aspx?FID=84&CID=1716#.UiUyutJBMr0

It wrote about IMH's Associate Professor Chua Hong Choon's experience:

Often, patients go home to "mini asylums". Even as he tears down walls within IMH, many more are built without. Many are put on Medifund and relegated to community homes or mollycoddled at home by their families, exempt from all responsibilities and expectations. "You can exclude someone with the best of intentions but it"s still exclusion."

It is like a remaking of the old concept of mental illness, he says, where people with mental illness are seen as "very unfortunate, but since we don"t blame them for it and there"s nothing we can do, we will put them in a special place where no harm can come to them and exclude them from participating in work".

"So we don"t employ them and don"t give them opportunity to go to school. Or we treat them so special that they are completely excluded," he continues.

Wherever possible, he feels the mentally ill should be included.

They should be encouraged to integrate in the community and fulfil their maximum potential, even as they continue with medication and treatment.

He has stepped up focus groups to get feedback from patients and their families. Beyond asking about the state of facilities, he makes it a point to ask what patients hope to see in their own recovery. "The focus is not about what can we do better but what we can do to help you do better," he says.
Read the full article at this website : https://www.silverpages.sg/news.aspx?FID=84&CID=1716#.UiUyutJBMr0

May God help us to tear down barriers within us for them too, so we can show forth the compassionate of Christ to His suffering people and some who are outside His kingdom may turn to seek and know Him savingly.

By His grace,

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Thinking of you today dear friend.

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Thanks, Michelle, for dropping by. Sorry for my long silence. I have been kept busy with various things. Hope to catch up with you and others soon. Take care and God bless!

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