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Dear friends and readers,

Thanks for stopping by. It's been a long interval since I last posted on this blog. I have been kept very busy with various things and have had to pace myself very carefully.

Thank God that with the help of medication and various resources, prayers, reading God's Words, and the support of family and friends, my bipolar disorder and depression have come under better control now.

Recently, a friend of mine, lost her husband through suicide. He suffered from prolonged recurrent anxieties and depression for many years. He attempted suicide a few times and finally took an overdose and passed away. It was a very shocking and heart breaking time for my friend and all of us who knows them.

While sourcing for information, I found this webpage that says:

"Bereavement following suicide is usually different from bereavement following death by natural causes, both in kind and intensity, and there is much greater trauma.

The American Psychiatric Association ranks the trauma of losing a loved one to suicide as "catastrophic" - on a par with that of a concentration camp experience.

SOS runs the only programme and support group here providing information and emotional support to survivors of suicide."

Losing a loved one through suicide is very different from losing a loved one to illness or other situations. The grief is termed as complicated on some websites. Few people understand such loss and grief. Sometimes friends can say hurtful things, even if out of good intention. Looks like SOS is a place that understands and may provide some form of help for my friend.

SOS stands for Samaritans of Singapore (SOS). On it's website ( it is stated that

"SOS is the only suicide prevention centre in Singapore. It is a secular non-profit organisation which provides 24-hour confidential emotional support to people who have difficulty coping during a crisis, who are thinking of suicide or affected by suicide."

SOS Contact:

Call 24-hour hotline at: 1800-221-4444

Address: Samaritans of Singapore, Block 10 Cantonment Close, #01-01 (HDB Multi-storey carpark), Singapore 080010

Fax: +65 6220 7758

Feedback :

On it's website, it is stated that SOS provides these services:

1. Professional Counselling, a specialised face-to-face counselling service, focussing on crisis intervention and suicide prevention. All counselling sessions are conducted by in-house counsellors, psychologists and social workers. Counselling is also provided to family members and friends grieving a suicide death.

2. Crisis Support. SOS works closely with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and various partners in the community to help those who are suicidal, in critical emotional distress, or affected by suicide. Professional counselling can also be arranged as and when appropriate.

3. Case Consultation. SOS is a resource for other agencies and voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) which need to consult on cases concerning suicide crises or suicide death.

4. Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors (LOSS)
LOSS is the only local outreach programme providing emotional support to people affected by the suicide death of someone close. The activation of a LOSS team to a suicide site, mortuary or residence usually marks the start of our work with the grieving families. After the first contact, their professional staff follows up with the survivors through emails, phone calls, and SMSes.

5. Healing Bridge. Healing bridge is a suicide bereavement support group co-faciliated by professionals staff trained in grief work and experienced survivors. Members of the Healing Bridge meet at SOS to share their experiences and talk about their feelings. They also receive comfort and encouragement from others who have suffered similar losses.

6. 24-Hour Hotline. The SOS hotline, 1800-221 4444, is available round-the-clock to anyone who is in crisis, thinking of suicide or affected by suicide. Calls are taken by trained volunteers who come from diverse backgrounds but share a common capacity to care and listen to anyone who is going through a difficult time. SOS professional staff are there to provide consultation and support the volunteers, as well as to follow-up on critical cases. Callers can choose to remain anonymous and all information shared by callers will be treated as confidential.

7. Email Befriending. People in distress, thinking of suicide, or affected by suicide can seek emotional support through email. Information shared will be kept confidential and Pat will reply within 48 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays). If you need someone to talk to urgently, please call the SOS hotline.

8. Training. At SOS, they believe that "suicide prevention is everybody's business". As such, SOS's training workshops have been carefully designed with the intent to cultivate, equip and develop everyone with the right set of skills in suicide prevention, intervention and postvention.

SOS offers a full range of talks, trainings and workshops targeted towards:

- Professionals working in the social service sector or related field (e.g., counsellors, social workers, school counsellors)
- Frontline staff & volunteers (e.g., teachers, peer leaders, caregivers)
- General public

Basic training and awareness talks for students are also available.

Find out more:

9. Community Awareness and Outreach
SOS also conducts talks and sharing sessions on suicide prevention to increase community awareness and vigilance. Various outreach projects are also conducted throughout the year.

I am thankful to God that He is with my friend and sustaining her day by day, in this very difficult time. My friend is going to SOS to seek help. I am praying God will provide suitable help for her to cope with the grief and to adapt to her new life and challenges ahead.

Take care, everyone, and have a blessed week ahead!

Warm Regards,
7 April 2015

2 Kind thoughts:

Peggy said...

My dearest Nancie,

The following is my quick response inserted in between your comment for now to your delightful blessing on Resurrection SONday!!!

Warm greetings to you! (and also to you, my dear sister in Christ) Sorry for my long silence. (Sorry for mine also with you) I have been kept very busy with various things and unable to post or visit post. I am just coming back and catching up! {I too have not been actively blogging and visiting blogs other than ones' that drop me a line. However, I still actively post.}

Just want you to know I am thinking of you {I often think of you too and pray and I will continue with hopes of stopping in and visiting your blog when I am able} and remembering you fondly. {as I do fondly remember you Nancie! How lovely and thank you} Take care and have a blessed week ahead! {May you also have a very blessed week!} I hope to be able to write more to you soon. I am currently dealing with a situation. I do receive Gmail still but am trying to use Yahoo for personal emails and friends to try and keep my emails better protected. But you can use either. I so appreciate hearing from you and I pray all is well with you, Nancie ... in Jesus Christ ... your sister ~Peggy {looks like as always that your blog posts are timely and with really good information, that is why I hope to visit and read soon, thank you for continuing to share on bpd and related mental health issues}

8 April 2015

Nancie said...

Dear Peggy,

Thanks for your sweet reply. It's so nice to hear from you again!

I am remembering you in prayers too. May God grant you much wisdom and grace to deal with the situation you are facing.

Do take care and keep in touch!

Warmest Regards,


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