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In early this year, I lost a friend through suicide. It was a shock to his wife, to myself and many friends. It is most distressing and painful to his wife as she does not understand why he chose to end that way. Her life was shattered. She is still going through the process of grief and coming to term with his death, living a life without him and rebuilding her life.

My friends and I have been reading up in order to know how best to help her. Here are some resources we have useful:

1.  Helping a survivor heal :

This page provides some guidelines on how to help survivors of suicide:


2. Some videos:

Coping with Suicide :

A Doctor's Perspective:

It Can Get Better :

Recognizing PTSD:

Talk About It:

Losing the Labels:

Stamp Out Stigma:

How Do You Support Families Who Need Help? :

Mental Illness in the Church:

God Is Working In The Midst of Struggle :

How Are Churches Dealing with Mental Health:

Reality for Families Who Have Mental Illness Challenges:

Pitfalls to Avoid for the Church:


3. Experience of survivors of suicide loss: : "Bereavement following suicide is usually different from bereavement following death by natural causes, both in kind and intensity, and there is much greater trauma. The American Psychiatric Association ranks the trauma of losing a loved one to suicide as "catastrophic" - on a par with that of a concentration camp experience.

Suicide bereavement and complicated grief:

"Dealing with grief: Confronting painful emotions": on why a person may choose suicide : "Sometimes a person with a disabling or terminal disease chooses suicide as a way of gaining control or hastening the end.“ and the feeling of abandonment is common to survivors of suicide loss. Survivors feel abandoned by their loved ones. It mentioned "... the act (of suicide) may seem like an assault on or rejection of those left behind. So the feelings of anger, rejection, and abandonment that occur after many deaths are especially intense and difficult to sort out after a suicide."


4. How churches can respond to mental illness :

"When Suicide Strikes in the Body of Christ" :

"A new approach to mental illness in the church" :


5. Suicide : "Suicide has a devastating effect on the partners, families and friends who remain. It’s ironic that often the person who has commited suicide thought that no-one cared about them. Not only do those who remain have to deal with the grief and shock that is natural when someone dies, they have many other feelings and emotions to work through. Feelings of hurt, confusion, guilt, anger and remorse to name a few. There may be many unresolved issues to deal with. All of this and the stigma that surrounds suicide can make them feel isolated and unable to deal with their grief. Often other people don’t know what to say to people who have lost someone through suicide, and may act differently to how they normally would."

How to prevent suicide : and suicidal behavior : "It has long been taught and believed that patients with depression and suicidal tendencies are at heightened risk of suicide as they begin to recover and their energy and motivation return. What are the data behind this enduring belief? More than a century ago, eminent clinicians noted that some patients with depression committed suicide just as their depression seemed to be improving. The clinicians went on to warn that early recovery carries a high risk of suicide."


6. Personal Stories

The success stories n various articles in


If you or someone you know have suicidal thoughts, do contact a health professional as soon as possible.

If you are in Singapore, here are some contact numbers:

a) Police Call: 999
b) Ambulance Call: 999 / 911 / 995
c) Samaritans of Singapore Call: 1800-221-4444 (24-hr hotline)
d) Institute of Mental Health (IMH) Emergency Help Line (24 Hours): (65) 6389-2222

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21 May 2015

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Barbara said...

So sad and very common these days. My nephew killed himself at 19. Devastating. Over the years I have had 3 friends sons do same. Christmas week the wife of someone I know took her own life in her 50's.I think the hardest thing for parents to deal with is 'they did not see it coming'

Nancie said...

Yes, it's very sad and common these days. I think it is also most painful for their loved ones who are still alive and have no answer to why they decided to end their lives.


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