Hope in the pandemic of Covid-19 coronavirus


It is sad to see the increasing Covid-19 coronavirus all over the world.

As at today, 30 March 2020, Monday, United States has 140,8862 confirmed cases of people infected by Covid-19 and 467 people have died.

Italy has 97,689 confirmed cases of people infected by Covid-19 and 10,779 people have died. The death rates in Italy is by far the largest!

US and Italy has overtaken China who has reported 81,470 confirmed cases of people infected by Covid-19 and 3,304 people have died.

There is much anxieties and uncertainties as various countries and cities went into partial or full lockdown. Governments have stepped up their measures in an attempt to contain the Covid-19 virus infection. It has proved to be successful in China. Sadly, this sad measure has caused many people to lose their job, air-lines and some companies are at the verge of close-down or bankruptcy. There is also reports of increased domestic violence as victims are locked down in the same premise as their abusers. Low-income and freelancers are greatly affected by job-loss and anxieties increased over how to get food and pay their bills.

There is no easy answer or quick solutions to this overwhelming worldwide pandemic.

As God's people, we thank God for His loving presence with us and precious promises in His Words. I read:
"Believer, how cheering to know that all that befalls you is thus ordered in the eternal purpose of a Covenant God! Every minute circumstance of your lot; appointing the bounds of your habitation; meting out every drop in the cup of life; arranging what by you is called its "vicissitudes;" decreeing all its trials; and at last, as the great Proprietor of life, revoking the lease of existence when its allotted term has expired!

How it should keep the mind from its guilty proneness to brood and fret over second causes, were this grand but simple truth ever realized--that all that befalls us are integral parts in a stupendous plan of wisdom; that there is no crossing or thwarting the designs and dealings of God."

(Excerpt from Grace Gems: John MacDuff, "The Night Watches")
May God strengthens His people hearts in this difficult time and to continuously trust in Him as we wait upon Him. May our Lord also be pleased others who are struggling, confused and devastated by the current situations to seek and know His saving grace, His everlasting love, His faithfulness, mercies, care and peace. Life is meaningless without Christ. It is only in our Lord Jesus Christ alone that we can find the comfort and peace we so long for, in this fallen and broken world.

Take care and have a blessed day. May the peace of God be with you all, dear Readers.

By His grace,
30 Mar 2020

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